In the world of diamonds, Natural Fancy Red diamonds are among the most rare.   Less than 0.1% of all diamonds found in the world can be considered Natural Fancy Red and the bulk of those weigh less than half a carat.

The red color in these diamonds is not caused due to a foreign element present during its formation, it is due to irregularities present within the inner structure of the diamond, the crystal lattice.

Here’s a look at the five most famous red diamonds.

罕見中的絕無僅有 • 天然彩紅鑽石





1. The Moussaieff Red Diamond

The Moussaieff Red Diamond

The largest red diamond ever recovered, the Moussaieff Red weighs in at 5.11 carats, fancy red internally flawless. Originally found by a Brazilian farmer in the 1990s by the Abaetezinho river in a region known as Alto Paranaiba. The stone, originally called The Red Shield, weighed in at 13.9 carats in its rough form. It was purchased by famed jeweler Shlomo Moussaieff in 2001-2002 and remains part of his company’s inventory to this day.


紅鑽中最赫赫有名,也是目前已知世上最大顆的紅鑽。約20世紀90年代,由巴西農民所發現,原石重13.9克拉,被紐約珠寶商William Goldberg Diamond Corporation收購,經三角形明亮式切割(triangular brilliant-cut)後,成為重5.11克拉,淨度為全美的鑽石,並取名為「紅盾」(Red Shield)。之後2001年或2002年,再由倫敦珠寶公司穆薩耶夫(MOUSSAIEFF)購入,並將其更名為The Moussaieff Red。

2. The Rob Red Diamond

The Rob Red Diamond

Noted diamond writer Stephen Hofer called the Rob Red Diamond “the most saturated and purest red diamond measured visually and instrumentally to date in the world’.

The pear-shaped, weighing in at a slight 0.59-carats, fancy intense red with VS1 clarity, no one is sure about the stone’s recovery, it is assumed to have been found in an alluvial deposit located within the remote interior of Brazil.


3. The DeYoung Red Diamond

The DeYoung Red Diamond

Found in South Africa in the late 1920s, the DeYoung Red Diamond features a round brilliant cut and weighs 5.03 carats.  Unfortunately, no one is sure of the diamond’s current whereabouts.

The DeYoung Red Diamond 是一顆重達5.03克拉的圓形明亮式切割紅鑽,它是目前已知世上第三大顆紅鑽,曾在跳蚤市場被誤為是紅色石榴石,在1987年被捐贈給位於美國華盛頓特區的美國國立自然史博物館。

4. The Hancock Red

The Hancock Red

A former record breaker in the color diamond world, The Hancock Red is a 0.95-carat fancy purplish-red stone. The diamond was originally purchased at auction in 1956 by Warren Hancock for $13,500. When it was put up for auction again in 1987, it sold for $926,000/carat. The previous per carat record for a diamond was $127,000/carat!


重僅0.95克拉的漢考克紅鑽,其淨度雖只達I1,買來的價格為13.500 美元,但在1987年佳士得拍賣會上,卻以破紀錄天價每克拉926,000美元賣出。這宗拍賣當時不單止轟動全球無形中也成為將彩鑽價位逐漸頂上高峰的推手之一。

5. The Kazanjian Red Diamond

The Kazanjian Red Diamond

Recovered in South Africa in the mid-1920s, the Kazanjian Red weighs in at 5.05 carats.   In its rough form, it was a whopping 35 carats until formed into an elegant emerald cut. The diamond spent 30 years in a private collection before being purchased by Kazanjian Bros. Inc.

祖母綠切工的The Kazanjian Red Diamond重有5.05克拉,是世界排名第二大的紅鑽,於1927年在南非出土,原石有35克拉。據聞第二次世界大戰時曾流落納粹手中,之後被美國軍隊在鹽礦區中找到,就輾轉於私人藏家之間,2007年由位於比華利山(Beverly Hills)的珠寶商Kazanjian Bros. Inc.購入。